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Spring rolls around once again.seamless gutter company fairfield ct

It’s time to clean up from this seasons never ending winter and make things fresh for the new season. Our outdoor to-do lists contain jobs like getting the garden ready, cleaning up the grill, and washing up the exterior of our homes. There’s one item that needs to be done but rarely gets on the outdoor task list for spring– inspecting your home’s gutters.

Your gutters play an essential role in protecting your home from the damaging effects of our four seasons. If your gutters are not running smoothly, your home health and safety will suffer.

Giving your gutters a good inspection each spring will help give you the peace of mind you need to know, your gutters are working properly and not backing up or sending water to disrupt your home’s foundation. 

You need your gutters to do their job effectively and efficiently when you are sure they are in good working order you can worry a little less about your home. Here are a few good reasons why adding a gutter inspection  to your springtime to-do-list is essential:

  • Gutters Defend Against Foundation Problems

Gutters are designed to channel water away from the house. Moisture near the foundation walls can cause them to crumble, and crack.

  • Inviting a Swarm of Unwanted Guests

Leaves, left to rot and decay in your gutters, become a breeding ground for insects. They can also attract other critters that are known for burrowing into your attics and causing damage to the roof. Cleaning out your gutters and downspouts and replacing them quickly when they become damaged will keep those critters from moving into your home, and will stop insects from crashing your outdoor get-togethers.

  • Gutter Pitching Problems

When debris clogs a gutter, and water mixes in it with it, you have a lot of weight bearing down on them. The extra weight causes a pitch to form that can damage the gutter holders, your roofline, and even the gutters themselves. Repairs can be costly.inspect them and look for issues with a gutter pitch to avoid the headaches a gutter pitch problem can cause.

Spring cleaning is essential for your gutters, and so is evaluating their condition after the winter passes. Any gutter issues, like loose holders, should be fixed right away before they become significant problems down the line. Winters are harsh for gutter systems, so it’s crucial they’re checked thoroughly every springContact us, and we’ll be glad to evaluate them for you.

Choosing Gutter styles That Complement Your Home’s Architectural Design

Looking to upgrade your Putnam County’s gutter system, but are afraid of ruining the look and curb appeal of your home?

Gutters may have had the reputation of being unsightly in the past, but that’s far from the truth nowadays. Seamless gutter systems offer some sleek styles and colors that add to your home’s exterior, instead of taking away from it. These designs can complement any architectural style home in the northeast. Here are some tips on choosing the right gutter style to enhance your home’s exterior:

seamless gutter company putnam nyColonial/Revival – This design is known for its rectangular shape and symmetrical architecture. The Colonial/Revival home can be made of clapboard, stone, and even brick. They usually have a hipped type roof with flat fascia boards.

Gutter Styles to Consider– The best option is the K-Style gutters. They have the look of crown molding so it will look like it’s a part of the home.

Tudor/Revival– Inspired by late 19th to early 20th century, this home has characteristics of the medieval and renaissance times. These residences are constructed out of wood, brick, or stucco. They typically have steeply pitched gable-type roofs.

Gutter Styles to Consider– The Half-round gutters are an excellent choice for this type of architecture, especially if constructed of copper material. Over time, copper ages and gets a weathered type film on the surface. This complements the Tudor style’s traditional look.

Cape Cod- Originating in New England during the 17th century, these homes were built to resist the blustery conditions of Cape Cod weather. The simple homes were designed with gable-type roofs.

Gutter Styles to Consider– If you want to keep with the simplistic design, the half-round gutters will work well. If you decide to give your home a little something extra, the K-style ones will provide it with an elegant touch.

A seamless gutter system can complement the architectural style of your home, no matter what design it is. Contact us today, and we can help you explore the options available for your style of home.

Gutter Systems Can Be Stylish

color-gutters-westchester-nyCan Gutter Systems Be Stylish?

The home’s gutter system is the last thing you think of when it comes to portraying a specific style with the look of your home. They have an essential function, for sure, but they can also add to the home’s exterior with the many designs they come in. Here are some of those styles:

Half-Round Gutters– These are your traditional gutters, characterized by their half-tube shape. With the introduction of the rolled or beaded edging, they became popular with homeowners looking to add an elegant touch to their historic homes.

K-Style- These gutters come with a flat bottom, flat back, and a curved decorative shape to the front. They have a classic look and give a more luxurious touch to the exterior as they have the look of the crown molding you see on the inside of homes.

Box Style- These are characterized by their “boxy” shape. This style of gutter has an architectural look to it, giving your home a fashionable appeal.

Curved Style- This usually uses the K-Style or Box gutters and installs them in a way so they can add drainage to rounded exteriors. Professionals install them to fit snug against the curve or angles of a home’s roofline making them appear seamless.

cGutter systems can be stylish as well as functional. When updating your home, consider upgrading the gutters along with it as they can add some exterior appeal. If you think you may replace your gutter system, or if you want some advice on cleaning or repairing your current gutters, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

Seamless Gutters! For Putnam County Homes

Seamless Gutters!

fairfield ct seamless guttersOld-fashioned, sectional gutters are a thing of the past. That is why both my Putnam County-based Seamless Gutter companies only offer seamless gutter installation to our friends, family, and beloved customers!

Truth is, I am a lucky guy, I love what I do! I really have a great time going out with the crew to install new gutters on the homes of our customers because I know that our seamless gutters are going to be better functioning than any other type of gutter system on the market.

Seamless Gutters

No matter the material. A customer may choose colored aluminum gutters (many do), a copper gutter system or a steal gutter system. At the end of the day while certain materials perform better the bottom line is as far as gutter systems go–nothing beats a seamless gutter system.

I have been asked many, many times about the advantages of seamless gutters over sectional gutters, and my first answer has to be “Well, they are better because I install them!” There are also plenty of inherent properties of seamless gutters that make them the best choice for Putnam County homeowners.

Here are a few of the reasons why for me Seamless Gutters are the only kind of gutter to install:

To Start…Easy-Peasy Maintenance! The joints in sectional gutters are extremely susceptible to debris build-up. That means that you have to spend time and money year-after-year cleaning them, or else they will clog. This also makes them the perfect home for little critters like birds and mice.

Seamless gutters are so named because they do not have these pesky, pesty joints. Clogging and debris build-up becomes a thing of the past.

Our Gutters are Made-to-Order

Seamless gutters are measured out specifically for the dimensions of your home, and are always installed by professionals like me! This means they are good to go for many years with little to no maintenance needed. Add gutter guards and you can expect for seasons of free-flowing gutters without the expense of gutter cleaning–what a racket.

Every home is different. Gutters are a working system; this means that they need to be made to deal with the amount of water that your specific roof gives off, and that downspouts need to be sized accordingly. All of our gutters are 100% custom made in our factory and our mobile trucks.

We offer more options than most Gutter Companies! (In fact many buy from us!)

I don’t know about the other guys, but my seamless gutter company offers a wide variety of options for all of your seamless gutter needs. We’ve got aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, vinyl, and even specialty and oversized gutters. Try finding that kind of variety in sectional gutters or a local store.

Seamless Gutters = A Wise Investment

Seamless gutters may initially be more expensive than sectional gutters, but the low cost of repair and maintenance means that they pay for themselves almost immediately.

Winter Warriors

Winters can be intense around here. As you know, we get an incredible amount of snow and ice every year, and every spring it thaws out. This can create gaps and cracks in sectional gutters. Seamless gutters can handle the toughest winter that the Hudson Valley can throw at them, and then some.

gutter company Putnam nyHave I convinced you that you need seamless gutters? Do you have any questions about them? Are your jointed gutters causing roof damage that needs repair? Give us a call at George’s Seamless Gutters. I’ll be the guy that answers the phone.

How to Tell if Your Gutters Need to be Replaced

Putnam County Gutter Company – George’s Seamless Gutters

Putnam County Gutter CompanyExamine Your Gutters–Take a Quick Look 

Sometimes, it is clear that your gutters need to be replaced. The first thing I do when I check out someone’s gutters is to look for the obvious. I may be a professional, but these are things that anybody can keep an eye out for:

  • Holes, cracks, and rust anywhere along the gutters
  • Any sagging, or any signs that the gutters are pulling away from your home; gutters should not resemble a big belly!
  • Bends and dents
  • Sizeable gaps between the connections with downpipes or gutter connections
  • Nails out of place.

Now…Take a Closer Look

Many times, gutters will present signs of wear that you cannot see until you inspect them a little bit closer. Here are some things I have noticed in even the most carefully cared for gutters:

  • Parts of the gutter, or nails and screws, on the ground around your home
  • Icicles forming on the outside of the gutters
  • Nesting animals or plants in the gutters (that bird might be cute now, but it won’t be when your foundation starts to sink!)
  • Overflowing gutters when it rains
  • Water remaining in gutters after the rain stops
  • Leaking water where water should not leak, or over-the-top spillage

Know your Gutters and Know What To Lookout for!

There is a final set of signs that your gutters are in need of replacement, and these signs actually present themselves away from the gutters. Like I said, gutters are responsible for keeping your home dry, safe, and free from danger. Here are signs that your gutters are not doing their job:

  • Puddles of water around the foundation of your home
  • Water stains and mold on the exterior of your home
  • Peeling paint and rotting wood on the exterior of your home
  • Your basement is flooding with shocking regularity
  • Your lawn and landscaping, which I’m sure you care for meticulously, are being eroded

If you have spotted some early warning signs or have a list of areas with dead ringer issues – give my team a call. We can send someone out right away to have a look and give you an action plan. Problem is gutter problems only get worse. In Putnam County, they can sometimes get worse fast. Best to handle them early and properly with a professional gutter company as your partner.


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